B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E. (Battle Among Gelatins Using Expertise To Take Everything, also spelled BAGUETTE) is a now cancelled BFDI camp made by carykh. Before its cancellation, BAGUETTE had 16 episodes (not counting BAGUETTE 0), each split into two parts.

Rules Edit

These are the rules of BAGUETTE (explained in BAGUETTE 0):

  • Comment to sign up for the camp.
  • If you don't do the challenge for three times in a row, you will automatically be eliminated.
    • The spot for the gelatin will be open for other people.
  • There will be no teams. However, you can form alliances and make enemies.
  • If you place in the bottom three for a challenge or do not even do the challenge, you will be up for elimination. Everyone votes in the comments.
  • If you place first, you are immune for 3 eliminations.
  • If you place second or third, you are immune for 2 eliminations.
  • If you do the challenge but don't place in the top three or the bottom three, you are immune for only that one elimination
  • Immunities stack. (No longer true)

The rules will change once it narrows down to the final 9, however this never happened.

Contestants Edit

Place Gelatin User/s(by challenge)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
TBD Peach redturtle632
Blackberry OfficialMatrVincent
Banana Tdafanclub (QUIT) carlcloverfan
Green Apple raytonlin1
Strawberry FlyingWithYourLove (DISQUALIFIED) THATcommentor
Poo DylanMultiProduction
Blueberry tBlizzi (YukikaburiNSMS)
Watermelon Mikenkanikal
Tangerine DaKillahBunnyz
Raspberry Yoshiman4321 (QUIT) waluigifreak789
Grape totaldramaactonnext (DISQUALIFIED)

robifuffo (DISQUALIFIED)

Lime jedimaster2041
14th Cement ThirstySkunk910 (Eliminated 5th)
15th Cherry MissPinkLegend (Eliminated 4th)
16th Bubblegum MrSimtastic (Eliminated 3rd)
17th Acai taopwnh6427 (Eliminated 2nd)
18th Lychee MadameMonsterr (Eliminated 1st)